How To Upload Photos To Instagram From A Windows PC

Upload photos to instagram from chrome

Upload photos to instagram from chrome

The trick to uploading photos to Instagram from your computer is to take advantage of browsers’ web development options to trick the Instagram page. In this way, the system believes that the page is being displayed on a mobile device, so it activates the tools for uploading photos are available on the mobile version of the website of the popular photo social network.

uploading photos to Instagram

This is a much easier trick to apply than it might seem at first glance. If you’re used to using Google Chrome, you won’t find it complicated to follow the steps to upload photos to Instagram from the computer below:

First, go to the Instagram website and sign in with your user account Then press the CTRL+ Shift+ i key combination, or go to the Customize and control Google Chrome options menu, click More Tools, and click Developer Tools.

This will activate the browser’s developer options, with which you can adapt the format of the Instagram page to make you believe that you are viewing it through a mobile device.

photo on Instagram from your PC

In the upper-left corner of Chrome developer options, click the Toggle Device Toolbar tool icon or press the Ctrl+ Shift+ M key combination. This will enable options to choose which type of device you want to choose to emulate the on-screen display.

Now, at the top of the page, display the list of available devices and choose one of the smartphones listed. Then press the F5 key to refresh the browser view, and the same Instagram icon bar you have appears at the bottom of the emulated view in your mobile app.

Once this is done, now you just have to click on the + icon in the center and look for the photo you want to upload on your computer. The rest of the steps to post a photo on Instagram from your PC is exactly the same as when you do it from the mobile app.

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