Business Drop Ship Tips Minimizing

When business drop shipping, you lose some control over inventory levels, leaving it in the hands of your supplier. This increases the potential that a backorder situation can occur without your knowledge.

business drop

The truth is there is no way to guarantee that an item will be in stock.

This is a simple fact of business dropship. It is a trade off, but one that we think is well worth business drop meaning, the benefits.

Once you’ve learned how business drop

to busines drop boxes, reduce the possibility of a backorder the benefits of drop shipping become even greater. Here business drop safe, are some top tips for minimizing backorders with your drop ship business.

Monitor Quantities on Hand (QOH)

The business drop shipping, most obvious thing you can do to protect yourself from backorders is to closely monitor quantities. Doba provides a data export tool that can help you monitor supplier inventories. If you are able, monitor quantity trends before listing an item in an auction.

If business drop in advising, selling items at an online auction, you’ll typically want to only list items that have a large number of items in stock. However, if you have monitored quantities before hand and notice a product isn’t flying off the shelves, you may be comfortable selling items that have a lower number of items in stock.

Run shorter auctions of business drop

I once listed an item on eBay that had only one item left in stock. Even though I knew the item to be a slow moving item, listing something with a quantity of just one had me a little worried.

As such, I decided to run a three day auction.

The faster the auction got over with, the sooner I could drop ship the item to my customer, and the less I would have to worry about it. I wasn’t concerned about losing potential business from having a shorter auction because listings typically get the most views and bids in the last 24 hours anyway.

Cancel the Auction if the QOH Reaches Zero

Along with monitoring QOH’s before listing an item, you’ll want to continue monitoring quantities throughout the auction. If you notice quantities dropping each day, you’ll want to keep an even closer eye on it business drop.

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